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Conscious Cuisine is an ethos which we have been developing for some time now and is a phrase which we came up with when were on a beach in India, in 2007. Put simply it is the philosophy that many medical conditions can be treated or at least palliated through Dietary awareness and considerations.


As an example, in India the Housewives herb and spices rack is key to the maintenance of health for the family members. Turmeric for example is an excellent antibiotic and assists in the sweating out of toxins, aniseed is regularly used to aid digestion and as most people in the West also know Garlic has antibiotic properties and cleanses the blood. In a time of mass-produced food ingredients and ever increasing focus on profit margins the actual quality of the ingredients in many food stuffs has diminished greatly. Healthier eating is an increasingly important option for people who have ethical concerns over food production. It also tastes better!


In the old days before Battery farming and chemical additives Organic was just how it was. Chickens used to run free in Farmyards and animals were not brought up with the chemical additives that are now regularly incorporated into their diets. These additives are then transferred to humans, when they eat, and many modern medical conditions can be alleviated by taking dietary measures. One of our major interests is in being able to cater for our customers dietary needs and to offer non-processed ingredients without all of their associated e-numbers and chemical additives.



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-  Dietary Requirements Catered For Where Possible



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